For the three divisions of the cod family we select only in the best fishing grounds, Faroe Islands and Iceland, the raw material that in our workshop will be cut and packaged by hand for subsequent distribution in the market of both refrigerated and frozen products.


Here in Galicia the R & D is passed from parents to children, the cooking point is passed from pulpeiros to pulpeiros …
We only cook the best octopuses, those that have been frozen immediately after being fished so they do not lose any of their qualities and when frozen the fibers are broken in the same way that before they were hit to achieve a similar effect according to the amount and strength of the blows.


Thanks to the effort of generations of artisanal shellfish gatherers who know and care for each species we can offer you this family of products from our estuaries meticulously selected and packaged with modern systems for their perfect transport and conservation.
In addition, we also import from Peru Scallops from the Pacific to complement with this excellent product our offer of natural products from Galicia.